Reliable Refrigeration for Transporters

Many fresh goods must be delivered from A to B every day. This is a logistical challenge which would be impossible without transport refrigeration systems. Individual requirements for the relevant vehicle types and sizes also have to be taken into consideration.

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Frigo Top is the new generation of transport refrigeration systems with greatly improved functionality. The new model series offers a broad range of variability and thereby meets individual customer requirements. All systems come in 12 V and 24 V versions, with a standby operation optionally with 230 V or 400 V and the option of rooftop or front installation.


Among other aspects, the optimized product structure features very durable fans and a dual-sided defrosting system.
The integrated heat exchanger enhances the unit‘s cooling capacity. Thus, it ensures powerful cooling even at high outside temperatures. Thanks to the refrigerant R404A, these systems are suitable for both above zero and below zero temperatures and therefore cover a wide range of uses.


These systems stand out for their particularly easy and comfortable installation and maintenance. Laterally removable covers facilitate fast and easy access to the components. Moreover, the electronic elements are cost-effectively and easily exchangeable. The compressor is integrated into the engine space.

  • Cooling capacity up to 3,613 att
    • Automatic temperature regulation
    • High efficiency in all temperature ranges
    • Standby operation optionally with 230 V and 400 V
    • Rooftop or front mounting
    • Reliable devices with high-quality components made in proven series production
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • ATP (Accord Transport Perishable) accreditation applies for all devices


Diret Drive is modular, integrated, customized and complete system, designed for vechicles with compartment up to 18m3 and it it is compatible with all vechicles already equipped with original AC system.

It gives a high flexibility and customization of the system for the different applications.

It can be supplied with different accessories:

    • Stand-by kit that keeps the systemm running also when the engine is off by an external 220V AC feed
    • Defrost system for posotive temperatures
    • Hot gas kit with the resistor for the condensate drain for negative temperatures
    • Oil separator
    • Pressure switch
    • Liquid flow tracer

      The system works at positive temperature 0 and + 12oC (gas R134a) and negative temperature down to -20oC (gas R404a).
      When the installation with condenser in the fron position is not possible, a wide range of under chassis condenser are available for the R134a applications.
      Diavia frigo Pordoi does not change the shape of the vechicle and keeps unchanged the aerodynamics factor with reduced fuel consumption, noise and maintenance as well as the spare parts ones.



      Is an electric(1) refrigeration system for vehicles with compartments up to 5m3 (2) with low enviromental impact.

      Applicable also to all vehicles with original AC, the kit is very reliable, requires a low maintenance, and quick to install.

      It can be compined with the optional kit Stand-by that keeps the system running also when engine is off by an external 220V AC feed.

      The system includes:

      • Condenser
      • 220V single phase AC electric motor in the Stand-by version max power 1,1kW
      • Evaporator
      • Installation kit
      • Automatic temperature control unit.

      (1) Minimum battery power needed is 90 Ah battery and 125 A alternator

      (2) With vehicle's insulation property designed and istalled and insulation value K≤0,4 (-20°C) and K≤04±0,7 (0°C).


      Is a complete Direct Drive system driven by the vehicle compressor and designed for refrigerated compartments up to 18m3. It has an aerodynamic style, requires low maintenance and it is very reliable.

      The system includes:

      • Condenser
      • Evaporator
      • Installation kit
      • Automatic temperature control unit
      • Refrigerant hoses and, upon request, the compressor and its mounting kit.