New refrigerated transport solutions for the food and pharmaceutical professionals

Temperature sensitive products must be refrigerated or frozen after processing and before shipment to inhibit spoilage, growth of pathogen or loss of potential (vaccines).

During transportation and storage, the challenge is to maintain proper refrigeration temperatures and to avoid the “cold-chain” from breaking.

The use of a mobile fridge/freezer, with professional specifications and 12-24V compressor on board of a standard van: flexibility and intelligent use of resources at its best.

The professional mobile fridge can be used for the purpose loaded on the van, connected to the battery and properly fixed with straps to anchoring rings inside the van.

The result is a range of models with inner volumes from 22 to 915 litres, 12-24Vdc and 100-240Vac 50-60Hz voltage, reinforced PU insulation with thickness from 65 to 130 mm, internal temperatures adjustable down to -24°C (according to the models) with digital controller, based on rotomoulded single piece sturdy containers, easy to be cleaned, with internal dimensions according to food industry norms (Gastronorm, Euronorm).

Who are the potential customers?

‒Catering & Banqueting companies
‒Vending operators for mixed ref/no-reftransport
‒Van rental companies
‒Food industries for transport of samples by sales reps
‒Small food producers for direct transport to selected shops or restaurants
‒Food distributors for direct deliveries to selected shops or restaurants, specially in traffic restriction areas
‒Small ice cream laboratories for transport of ice cream and sorbets to selected hotels & restaurants
‒Home delivery services (web shops or supermarkets)
‒Health Authorities for transport of samples of biological products to Central Laboratories or transport of blood or plasma at fixed temperature
‒Pharmaceutical logistic companies for deliveries to pharmacies of vaccines and +4°C medicines using standard vans
‒Army and Emergency Medical Detachments and Logistic Corps