ICE Star Workstation

ICE Star Workstation

ICE Star 

Is a new concept tool, equipped with fully automatic functions, designed for A/C systems that utilize the new R1234yf gas or R134a; it responds to specific precepts indicated by the most severe environmental and safety regulations, offering improved recovery/charging functions and simplified maintenance.

Besides the standard functions of an automatic product, ICE Star offers 2 recovery modes, and – upon request – disposable hermetic containers for oil and leak detection liquid, kit for hybrid cars, flushing kit and nitrogen leak test, Ethernet port, Wi-Fi among other accessories and functions. The new versions for R134a and HFO1234yf are equipped with special kits for hybrid vehicles, in both the "external kit" and "integrated kit" versions.

ICE Star is the result of research carried out by Luvata in collaboration with important research organizations and automobile sector specialists. Thanks to the contribution of very important European Research Centres
– which also carried out the CFD study (Control Fluid Dynamics) on the ventilation system – ICE Star can now boast an improved heat dissipation and – as a consequence – the highest safety standards during operation with
the new refrigerant , according to proven and certified scientific criteria.

The new refrigerant:
From the 1st January 2011 all models newly approved by the car producers will adopt the new R1234yf refrigerant instead of R134a. With a greatly reduced GWP (Global Warming Potential), R1234yf does not contribute to an increase in the greenhouse effect, however there are some drawbacks from a practical point of view: it is in fact a slightly inflammable fluid and is noxious grade A2L.

ICE Star was created in response to these new requirements of the automobile sector, guaranteeing the highest quality standards, safety, attention to the user and the surrounding environment, thanks to careful planning, selection of the best components, research carried out within our company and collaboration with the best consultants and sector specialists, with whom the product was designed and tested.

Available Now with a new Gas Analizer! 

The gas analyzer is connected to the unit; the unit is set with one type of gas, R1234yf or R134a. The gas analyzer receives from the unit the info about the gas set.

When you connect the analyzer to an a/c plant, the gas analyzer search the gas set on the unit and give you an answer if the gas in the plant is true or contaminated.

If the unit is set for R1234yf, the analyzer searches the R1234yf.
If in the plant there is over the 95% of R1234yf the analyzer tell you OK, otherwise it tell you BAD GAS and on the display you can read the % of gas present in the plant.

If the unit is set to R1234yf and you connect it to a plant with R22, the result is BAD GAS and on the display you can see R1234yf -------0%.

The analyzer is able to recognize few types of gas but is accurate only with the gas set on the unit.

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